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A few words from art consultant and gallery owner Luc Van Middelem

Black & White Paintings | Guy Leclercq
Summer Ehibition 2018

Guy Leclercq (born 1940) fills a special place in the evolution of Belgian
art history.
Over the course of fifty years he has evolved from quite playful
figurative work to a refined abstract imagery.
Though initially, Leclercq did not shy away from providing his paintings
with a narrative, often including references to tribal cultures and
ethnographic symbols, after 1990 little of this remained.
The artist’s most recent creations tend to restrict themselves to a range
of shapes inspired by geometry, generally supported by a rudimentary
palette in shades of black, grey and white. The composition surfaces
are distinctly uneven, being built up out of layers for a slightly vibrational
effect. The paint medium and substrate contribute visually as well.
All these elements imbue Guy Leclercq’s work with the poetic character
that makes him such a unique artist.

Luc Van Middelem